Welcome Back Guidelines

 Welcome back to our pubs. A few things have changed since we last opened. We can’t wait to welcome you back, but we please ask that you only visit if you feel well.

All our team members have completed Covid-19 specific training and sign a daily health declaration before starting work. For our safety and yours we ask that you read through these guidelines so that your prepared before arriving at the pub.

  1. When you arrive at the pub there maybe a one way system in place.  Ensure you enter through the front door and not any door that has an EXIT only sign on.
  1. Upon entering our pub please use the sanitising station to clean your hands.  There will be instructions on how to do this in case your unsure.
  1. To help the NHS it is now Mandatory to register your visit to the pub.  There are a few ways to do this and full instructions are detailed around the venue.
  1. If you’re eating or drinking inside, please take a seat and wait for a member of the team to serve you.  They will take your food and drink orders and so that you remain seated as much as possible.  If you have children with you we ask that they are supervised and remain seated at all times. If we are full inside you will not be able to dine or drink with us and you will need to leave the building or book for a later time.
  1. Please don’t move the tables as they have been set to give a safe distance between other guests.  We can only accommodate a max of 6 people per table in line with government guidance.
  1. If your eating or drinking outside then follow the floor guidance for ordering at the bar and collecting your drinks before leaving to go outside.  Don’t be alarmed with ordering through a Perspex screen this is there for your safety and ours.
  1. When it comes to paying we prefer you to pay by card so please have these ready.  The card machine will be wiped each time if contactless doesn’t work
  1. Our staff have been issued with PPE and will use it if necessary when carrying out the extra cleaning they will be doing throughout the day.
  1. If you spot a directional sign please give priority where needed.  These will be positioned in places where it is difficult to keep a safe distance like narrow corridors, staircases and toilet entrances.
  1. We still remain dog friendly we just remind you to keep them on the lead close to you.
  1. For our hotel guests you will find your room has been cleaned with specialised cleaning products, with staff wearing full PPE.  The linen has been cleaned at a minimum of 60 degrees and once your in your room no one else will enter during your stay.  If you need items topping up you can do this by speaking to a member of the team and make sure you save room for our hearty breakfast still being served by pre-order each morning.
  1. Please be patient with us whilst we also adjust to these new guidelines and try our best to make your visit as ‘normal’ as we possibly can